5 Mega yachts for rent in Barracuda Ibiza.


Yachts of four, five and up to six double cabins with capacity for up to 12 guests, these Mega yachts for rent offer you the greatest luxury and comfort that only Ibiza can offer.
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5 Mega yachts for rent in Barracuda Ibiza.
Palmer Johnson 120
With a length of 36.5 m and beam of 7.44 m. This impressive dark yacht has a capacity of 12 people.
It has 4 cabins and 5 bathrooms, with its 2 engines MTU 4000 can reach cruising speeds of 22/30 Kn.
Some of its accessories are a Jet Ski, Wakeboard, Water Skis, Snorkel, Seadoo XLS 3 pax, among others. You can get it from 15.500€.
Fiji Guy Couach
This beautiful red hull yacht is from the year 2005 has a length of 30.70m and a beam of 6.50m.
Its capacity is 10 day/night and has a master cabin with a King size bed, a VIP cabin with a King size bed and two cabins with double beds.
Its two MTU 16V Diesel 2000 HP engines give it a speed of 32 knots (25 knots cruising speed).
Some accessories are its TV, Hi-Fi and complete bathroom for each of the cabins, Bose sound system and Jacuzzi.
You can get it for up to €7,000 a day.
Benetti 120
This immense ship has a length of 37 m and a beam of 8 m, its five cabins and five bathrooms give it a capacity of 12 day/10+2 night.
It has 2 engines MTU 1500 CV, reaches a maximum speed of 12 knots (11 knots cruising speed).
It has air conditioning, autopilot, jet ski and water games.
You can get this magnificent yacht for 64.500€ a day.
Leopard 46m
This white yacht has a length of 46.20m and a beam of 8.40m.
It is from 2009 but was remodeled in 2013 and comes with captain plus 7 crew, yet its accommodation capacity is 12 people with 5 cabins and 5 bathrooms for users.
Its 3 engines give it a speed of 33 knots, has a BSC 4.40 tender, water skis, jet Surf, wakeboard, flyboard, 2 seabobs F5S, jetpacks, jet Ski Seadoo, Multi Rider banana, 2 donuts, among others.
We can obtain this yacht with its ample comfort and numerous accessories for up to 160.000€.
Mangusta 108
Capacity for qo days and 8 nights with a length of 33.5 m and 7 m beam, this yacht comes with 4 crew and has a cruising speed of 35 Knots.
With accessories such as jet ski, Jet Tender, wakeboard, water ski and diving equipment. Can be rented for up to 9.500€.

Where to rent them?
Make your dreams come true, live your holidays like never before on a mega yacht. In Barracuda Ibiza they offer you the best security when renting their ships.
You can have up to 12 guests on your preferred yacht, just check the date and the number of people who will accompany you and you will get the best proposals of the Mega yachts for rent they have for you.


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