Blue halyard and neckline polyester high tenacity 6mm

neckline polyester high tenacity

Are you looking for a halyard and neckline of high quality and tenacity? In, your online shop of nautical products, we offer you one of 6 mm, blue and polyester material. What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity!
We know how important are the ropes, the ropes and the nautical rope, in general, for the proper use and operation of your shipping, for this reason we offer a halyard and escota, diameter 6 mm, which supports up to 650 kg. On the reel you will enjoy 200 meters with a unique weight of 28 grams.
Unique elasticity
Thanks to the polyester material, this halyard and neckline enjoy a unique elasticity, very useful for various applications. Despite being very lightweight, it is strong enough to withstand large amounts of weight.
Its manufacture has opposite torsion, which will allow the halyard and sheet to last much longer. This nautical instrument is especially recommended for halyard and sheet metal.
The blue halyard and neckline, made of polyester, is soft, practical and low elongation. In our online store you can buy it at a single price of 0.98 euros, as the product contains nothing more and nothing less than 15% discount. Take advantage of this great opportunity!
Look for it now
Don’t miss out on your polyester halyard and cleat, made in Italy, especially for your boat, sailboat or boat. Add it to your shopping cart and enjoy a product of great quality, strength and durability.
If you have any questions about the product, the purchase process or shipping contact the online store We will gladly answer all your questions!

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